Thursday, August 11, 2011


Here is a picture of Chet on his first day of work (the Friday before last, July 29th). Poor thing had his appendix out two days later. He was supposed to stay home two weeks after the surgery, but he went back to work this past Monday, after only one week at home. He's had a really good week, and is feeling better and better every day. We both think going into work every day has been good for him. He has his post-op appointment Monday, August 15th (can you believe we're already halfway through August?!). Not much to report here, although I'm acutely aware that I need to 1) take pictures of the new house and 2) post them on the blog! Sydney and I have had a good week. I joined a gym that's about 10 minutes away. They offer inexpensive childcare (the cost of which is rolled into the membership), which is one of the main reasons I joined instead of just working out at the base gym. The base gym is really nice, but in order to go to the base gym I'd either have to go REALLY early before Chet leaves for work, or go after Sydney is in bed...which I'm not likely to do (who wants to work out at the VERY END of the day?!). I could go in the middle of the day and drop Sydney off at the Child Development Center, but drop-in care is not always guaranteed (they might have too many kids that day) and it costs $5 per hour. The gym I joined is the best solution, because I really like the atmosphere and Sydney likes the little daycare...and it gets us out of the house and gives us a change of scenery! Yesterday morning we went to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center and tomorrow we are going to the Splash Pad. Hope everyone's had a great week!

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Glad to hear that Chet is recovering and also that you found a nice place to work out. - PJ