Monday, August 22, 2011

Growth Scan

The growth scan (really just an ultrasound) went great today! I really liked the doctor, and as soon as she started the ultrasound (the head was the first thing she saw and measured) she told me she was sure this baby was perfectly normal. What a blessing and relief for her to say that right away instead of making me sweat! So the ultrasound was fun. She kept saying "this baby has a beautiful heart!" and took tons of pictures of it (I'm not sure why; it's not like she printed any of the heart pictures out for me to take home). We saw a few profile shots and made sure that she was a little girl instead of a little boy, and that was it! Her heartbeat was 155 bpm and the doctor estimated she weighs 3 lbs 9 oz. My next appointment is September 15th. We'll be really close to meeting our little girl by then!

This picture of Syd was taken at a playground near our house. We went Saturday morning, and even though it was morning it was still blazing hot. She's obviously drinking the water here, but after she was done playing we stripped her down to her diaper and "showered" her in the exact same spot. She thought that was fun, and so did I because it meant I didn't have to put a sandy baby in my car!

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Anonymous said...

So glad everything went well with the u/s. Won't be much longer!!! Cute pic of Sydney too!!
Much love,
Aunt Shannon