Monday, July 9, 2012

San Diego Wedding

Thursday Lorelei and I flew to San Diego for a wedding.  My sponsor sister (I'll explain in a moment) got married, and we were able to stay with one of my college roommates, Dani, instead of staying in a hotel.  (While at the Naval Academy, students are assigned "sponsor families", with whom they can spend the weekends.  It's supposed to serve as a home away from home, and I was very close to my sponsor family.  They have three daughters, which was awesome since I didn't have a sister of my own.) 

Our flight was first thing in the morning on Thursday, and thankfully it was a direct 3-hour flight from Houston to San Diego (I don't think I could have done much more than 3 hours though).  I took only Lorelei with me, because I am still nursing her, and I'm fairly certain I could not have handled both girls on my own on the plane and at the actual wedding.  Well, I probably COULD have, but it would not have been enjoyable.  Sydney had the privilege of staying home and having her grandparents' undivided attention, ha!  Anyway, Lorelei did just fine on the plane.  We had a window seat, and thankfully the nicest man from Dominica sat in the middle seat next to us.  His daughter is expecting the first grandchild, so he got a kick out of Lorelei. 

She liked the remote control on the armrest.

***By the way, every single picture from the trip was taken with my iPhone, so they're not the best quality.  I altered a few of them with the Instagram app.***

Dani picked us up from the airport, and we went straight to her house (condo) so we could drop off the luggage.  I had not been to her San Diego home before, so I had no idea where she lived.  We were driving through a nice, cute downtown area, and I commented on how much I loved some red flowers that were spilling over a balcony...and then she pressed a button and the garage door to the condos with the balcony opened up and she pulled in.  She lives right in the heart of Little Italy in San Diego, and it is the NEATEST place! 

Here are those red flowers (but not the street view, which is the first view I had of them).

Dani's adorable reading nook.

Dani had to go back to work after she picked us up from the airport, so Lorelei and I hung out with Myers and Zorro until she got home.

Myers and Zorro.  I'm not really a dog person, but these boys sure are sweet.

Myers promptly climbed in my lap as soon as I sat down.

After Dani got home from work we took a walk to the dog park, but stopped at this adorable clothing store first.

At the dog park.

After the dog park we ate a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant, where we dined outside in the completely non-humid, hoodie-wearing evening summer weather.

Dani has a wonderful fire pit on her balcony, so after picking up frozen yogurt post-dinner, we relaxed outside with our yogurt, the fire, and a glass of wine. 

Dani had to work Friday, so Lorelei and I spent time at her house until it was time to leave for the 3:30 wedding.  Lorelei had her first sink bath before the wedding.

Here is Lorelei, sitting in the pew before the wedding.  Lorelei was in a great mood at the church, and very vocal about it.  Therefore, she and I "enjoyed" the wedding from outside of the church so as not to disturb the ceremony.  I fled the church in a hurry once she started making noise, and left my diaper bag (and phone) on the pew.  I wish I would have had my phone with me to take pictures outside because the church was amazingly beautiful. 

Lorelei fell asleep on the way to the reception.

At the reception.

The centerpieces at the reception were AMAZING!  The mother-of-the-bride and her sisters made all of them (among other things at the wedding and reception).

The reception was on the second story of the venue, and this was the view from the balcony.

I regret I don't have any pictures of the beautiful bride.  :-(

On Saturday, the day we left, we relaxed in the early morning, and then walked about a block to the most amazing Farmer's Market on the planet.  I didn't get a good picture of the actual market, but it was beautiful.  We had a great time sampling all the wonderful food and shopping for souvenirs.

Lorelei loved Myers.

Dani and Lorelei.  Dani gave me a nice break from carrying Lorelei everywhere.

The lady who owned this booth made the cutest children's things.  Dani bought Sydney and Lorelei each a dress, and I bought Syd an apron and Lorelei a bib.

We had such a great time, and miss Dani and the Grabarek family so much!

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