Saturday, July 21, 2012

9 Months!

Since she is 9-months old...3/4 of a year...I will recap all of her monthly pictures.

I almost grabbed the exact same bow as the 6- and 7-month picture, but decided to change things up at the last minute.  :-)  I usually take these pictures right after she wakes up from a nap, so she is usually in a great mood.  This time I took the pictures right before a nap (a nap she ended up refusing to take), so they're...varied (I almost said bipolar, but that seemed a little extreme).  Anyway, I'm not sure how much time I have right now, so I may end up needing to do a separate post of the varied pictures...they're pretty funny.

In Lorelei news, she is still not crawling.  Like Sydney, she will learn to crawl by scooching around on her bottom.  Sydney crawled at 10 months; perhaps Lorelei will too! 

She is FINALLY sleeping through the night.  She learned that while we were in TX.  I implemented two changes in her life simultaneously, so I'm not sure which did the trick, but I'm not going to change either, ha!  (One change was giving her a 4 oz bottle of formula at night in hopes that it would make her more full.  The other change was flat out ignoring her in the middle of the night if she cried...she always falls back to asleep within 10 minutes.)

She LOVES the pool.  She would float all day if we'd let her.

She's had her two bottom teeth FOREVER.  For the last four months I've been saying her top teeth are going to come through any day now...yet they are still not here.  Her poor top gums are so swollen, and her temperment lately proves that she is uncomfortable.

I think those are the only newsworthy items to report.  We love our little pumpkin, and can't believe her first birthday is speeding toward us!

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I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks! - PJ