Friday, July 27, 2012


Sydney is learning responsibility.  She had better learn young if she wants continue living here for free (just kidding)!

Recently, for about 10 days, we took care of our next-door neighbor's dog, Olive.  Syd used to be a little scared of Olive, but now she's completely comfortable around her.  She loved playing fetch with Olive, taking her for walks, and ordering Olive to eat her dog food after we filled up the bowl.

She likes to feed Lorelei.  This is actually a big help when I really need to finish doing something, because it keeps them both occupied.  However, there is always a mess afterward.

Chet had her help fold laundry (and she is obviously simultaneously engrossed in something on TV).

The other day I asked her to help empty the dishwasher.  She was in charge of the silverware.

I'm not sure I explained myself well enough, because when she was "finished" the silverware tray looked like this:

...and the dishwasher basket looked like this.

She helped me prune the shrubs this week, too.


Casey said...

okay, this is the cutest post ever!!!! She is such a big helper!! I am seriously cracking up at the silverware job!!! Too funny!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ROFL on the silverware - tooooo funny!!!! Glad you got a picture of that!

What a pretty dog Olive is; glad Sydney like helping with her.

Aunt Shannon