Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prima Ballerina

Well, not quite, because the definition of prima ballerina is "the principal ballerina in a ballet company", and Sydney is not quite there yet, BUT Sydney did start ballet and tap class yesterday! I am super excited, and Sydney absolutely loved it!

Most places require children to be three-years old to start classes, but I called a place that has been recommended to me by a couple of people, and the owner (it's a very small dance academy) said she would like to meet Sydney to determine whether or not she was ready. So last week we went by there and the meeting went great! (That was last Wednesday.)

All week we talked about "dance school" and shopped for the required dance items, so Syd was raring to go by the time we showed up for her 1 p.m. class (it's 45 minutes long, and they start out doing ballet, then switch to tap halfway through). I had dropped Lorelei off at the Child Development Center (for the very first time) at 10:30 a.m. to help simplify things, but I had to pick her up at noon, right before we headed to dance, because she was too upset to stay at the CDC any longer. I still plan to take her to the CDC on Tuesdays so Syd and I can have that time to ourselves; next week I will take her at noon and pick her up around 2:30.

Since we had to unexpectedly pick up Lorelei before dance, we were a little pressed for time getting there. I had to change Syd into her dance clothes in the trunk of the car, and as we were changing, the previous class ended, and lots of little girls dressed exactly like Syd were exiting the building and heading to their cars with their Mommies. I think Syd liked seeing everyone dressed alike.

We went inside (it's a very small studio, just a waiting room and the dance room) and waited with all of the other little girls for the start of class. The class is for 3-5 year olds, so some of the girls were a little older, but Syd likes older kids, so she was enthralled. Syd kept saying, "I want to go in there", pointing to the closed door that led to the studio (she remembered it from our visit), but we had to wait for all of the little girls to show up before anyone was allowed to go in. Once everyone was there, they all lined up and went into the studio, wearing ballet slippers and carrying their tap shoes...leaving all of the adults in the waiting room.

By the way, we cannot watch the class. There is a window that looks into the studio from the waiting room, but they keep the blinds closed. The owner is very adamant that children do best when their parents are not there. So I have no idea what went on in that studio! That's okay, though; I knew we could not watch before I signed her up...but obviously I really want to, ha! (There is a recital every year in June, so I'll AT LEAST be able to see about a year.)

Anyway, Sydney was thrilled when she went into class and thrilled when she came out. Here are a few pictures I captured throughout the week. Most of them are terrible because they were taken indoors with my iPhone, but I still have to share.

Trying on her ballet slippers at Payless.

Trying on her leotard at Academy.

In the car, right before class (Chet asked if she drove herself, ha!).

On the bench in the waiting room before class.

Immediately after class ended. She was wearing her tap shoes, carrying her ballet slippers, and holding a Tootsie Roll in her right hand (I think they get one at the end of every class). She was so happy, and kept hopping around on her tap shoes!

A more posed picture after class. Still clutching that Tootsie Roll. She held it until we got home, and then I finally convinced her to eat it.

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Casey said...

I love her!! I Can't wait to sign CC up for Dance classes!!