Monday, July 23, 2012


...was our 6th wedding anniversary!  It was a quite normal Sunday.  We went through the Starbucks drive through on our way to church, the girls napped after church, and we went to Walmart after naps.  Tonight we hired a babysitter so that Chet and I can go out to celebrate...we're still not sure what we're going to do...we're sort of giddy at the prospect of not having children in tow for a couple of hours.  (We really wanted to see a movie since we never get to anymore, but the only thing we want to see is the "Dark Knight" movie...and it's a little too long to sit through at the theater.)

Here are a few random pictures from yesterday:

Syd wore the adorable dress that "Aunt Dani" bought for her at the Little Italy Farmer's Market in San Diego.

Lorelei wore her adorable dress from the Farmer's Market also, but I did not get a picture of her.  Here she is when she tried it on while in TX.

I did get a picture of Lorelei yesterday in her Farmer's Market bib though.

Lately we've been dancing a lot to songs on the iPad.  Sydney likes the iPad, but sometimes gets confused and tells us, "I want to go to the iPad" (she means "splash pad").  Syd's current iPad favorites are "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble, "Tomorrow" (from Annie), and "Hey Mickey You're So Fine".  We love to make Lorelei dance.

Chet and I did not exchange anniversary gifts, but we did buy new living room furniture!  We sold our couch, chair, end table, coffee table, and lamp (we kept the rug that goes with the set), and are replacing it with a couch, chair, and ottoman.  We did not buy any tables, because we currently don't have space in the living room for a coffee table.  Here are the girls, at the furniture store, on the new couch. 

Oh, yeah.  We already sold our furniture, and the new furniture isn't getting delivered until Wednesday.  So we are enjoying the empty living room, filled only with a twin-sized aero bed, ha!  (Before&After pictures to follow of the living room.)

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