Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to School!

If you're on a "big" computer, you can see my new back-to-school background.  School starts so early here in south Mississippi -- August 8th!  I'm not personally affected by it much since our girls are still young, but I can nonetheless feel the excitement in the air, and I love all of the back-to-school accessories in the stores.  I especially like the college "gear"...perhaps because I never had a dorm room to decorate.

Our rooms at the Academy were supposed to something look like this:

But mine looked more like this:

And after searching for this picture, where you can barely see my desk and bed in the background, I realized that I never took pictures of my room at the Academy.  Sad.

I also like back-to-school season because it means fall is right around the corner...even though it will continue to be 90 degrees until the end of September.  But that's okay.  The heat doesn't stop me from hanging my autumn wreath September 1st in an attempt to push summer out of the way.

Searching for the first picture on Google made me nostalgic, so here is a shot of the front of Bancroft Hall, the name of the dormitory where all of the midshipmen live for all four years at the Academy.  It is is the largest single dormitory in the world:

And this is what you see when you walk through the front doors:

And here is an aerial view (all of those green-topped buildings constitute Bancroft Hall): really is a beautiful place...

Yes, this post was random.  Thanks for reading!


Raquel said...

I LOVE school supplies! Every time I walk through Target I have to put my blinders on- LOL. And if it was up to me, our bedroom would look like a dorm room. I never got to decorate one either!

Anonymous said...

I REALLY liked this blog post, especially the Academy pictures! Now I'm homesick for Annapolis and some crab cakes! -PJ