Saturday, April 26, 2014

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit

The pink sleepsuit arrived, and well before the promised 8 pm delivery time (thank you, Amazon--the $8.99 shipping charge was worth it!). 

Ford napped in it this evening, and it only took 8 minutes of fussing/crying and me re-inserting his (new, different kind of) pacifier for him to fall asleep.

He looked quite comfortable once he fell asleep, and I was interested to find out what would happen. I often think he needs an early evening "refresher" nap, which is what this was, and I was hoping the sleepsuit wouldn't be so magic that he would think it was bedtime and sleep until 4 am, ready to go for the day.

Thankfully, he only slept about 45 minutes, which is good for an early evening nap. I had run out to CVS after he was asleep, and Chet texted me when  he woke up:

This picture may come back to haunt you, but you asked for it, buddy (by refusing to sleep). Mommy loves you.

(Stay tuned to find out whether or not the sleepsuit works at night.)


Anonymous said...

he's miserable in pink - ROFL.....awe, poor Ford and desperate mom who needs sleep. Yeah, this will be one for the yearbook!
Loved seeing the pictures at Easter...glad you are all settling in.
Aunt Shannon

Chet and Ashley said...

He's used to his pink sleepsuit now -- I ordered him a blue one earlier this week (it's best to have two, so one can be washing)...hopefully he's not TOO used to pink! ;-)

Casey said...

Too funny!! I'm cracking up at this picture!!