Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ford's 2- and 3-Month Pictures

I haven't posted monthly pictures, but I've been taking them!  Here is a reminder of the super jaundiced 1-month old Ford:
1-Month Old

Now, I'm not great with the camera, so the lighting is not the best anyway, but poor little guy was SO yellow!  Oh, and the 1-month sticker is not actually sticking on his onesie, so that looks silly too.

Just so you know, I give myself a week after their "month-day" to take these monthly pictures (I did the same with Lorelei; I wasn't as good with Sydney).  One week late is the perfect deadline/grace period.  Unfortunately, I went one day past that deadline last month, so here is Ford at 2 months, 8 days:
2-Months Old

 Much less yellow!  Good job, Bubby! 

Poor thing doesn't have much strength in this picture though.  I have a habit of carrying my babies around everywhere, causing them to be really bad at "tummy time" and hitting some of the gross motor skill milestones a little late, but I'm okay with that.  Here's more evidence to the 2-month old blobby (but cute) Ford:

And here he is at three months(!):
3-Months Old

He chose his deer-caught-in-the-headlights facial expression for his 3-month photo shoot.  I think he wears it well.

I'm not going to go into detail about what he's up to at 3-months old, because I'm not sure I can muster the brain power for that right now.  I WILL treat you by including Syd's and Lor's 3-month pictures though!  You're welcome!
Sydney, 3-Months Old
Lorelei, 3-Months Old
As cute as they were, I am happy to not be coordinating bows this time around :-)

Happy Saturday!

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F & L are twins!!