Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not too much to report

Hmm, what have we been up to?

Plenty, I suppose, but I feel like most of it will bore you to tears, so I'll refrain from reporting too many details.

This week I've been concentrating on getting Ford to nap alone. (He usually naps in the baby carrier, strapped to me). Now that he's 3-months old, I feel like he's old enough to learn new tricks, tricks that will give my back a reprieve.

It's no picnic teaching a baby to nap, especially when they do not take a pacifier (I am pushing the pacifier, nonetheless), and when you have other (loud) children at home too. Oh, well, such is life.

I had quite a time teaching Lorelei to nap too. I didn't start teaching her until she was about 6-months old, so at least I'm ahead of my own power curve.

Wow, I really feel like I have nothing to say. I think I'm forgetting to mention things I was thinking about mentioning earlier, when I was blogging in my head.

Anyway, we went to a new park this morning. A great park, equipment-wise, but no tree cover, which could be brutal come summer. It's right near the Target I hadn't been to yet, so it was a bonus to have found that particular shopping center on the same outing. (There are two Targets within five miles of our house. It must be my reward for having lived 20 miles away from Target for the last 2.5 years.)

The girls were actually a little bit bad at the park today. Super whiny and did NOT want to listen when it was time to leave. I try not to take it personally when I go through so much effort to pack everyone up for a fun outing and am thanked with whine (not wine, because that would be fine) but SHEESH.

The weather had definitely improved around here. Still light jacket weather, but warm sunshine.

I've started talking about the weather, which is my cue to sign off. Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Awwww - that face makes me want to pick her up and give her big hugs.

Chet and Ashley said...

Yeah, she needed a hug right about now.