Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a lovely Easter Sunday, and hope that y'all did too!

Saturday we did a small egg hunt in our backyard and gave the girls their Easter baskets.

In Sydney's basket: Dora band aids, new toothbrush, three "easy reader" books, the movie "Tangled"
In Lorelei's basket: Dora band aids, new toothbrush, a Dora umbrella, a new book

Bubby had this bear in his Easter basket.  He seriously loves it, and chews on its head like there's no tomorrow.

Easter morning we walked to the Methodist church down the road.

I carried Ford, and he fell asleep on the way.

We came home quickly after church to have a snack, re-pack the diaper bag, and grab the lemon poppyseed cake that I made to take to Grams' house for Easter lunch/dinner.  (Grams is the lovely woman who lives in Severna Park, MD, near Annapolis, who so graciously opened her home to us while we were going to school at the Academy.  I LOVE that we live closer to her now, and hope to visit her at least once a month while we are stationed here.)
Random picture of Lorelei, between church and Grams' house
 Playing on Grams' deck:

Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Wish I had been there to hide the eggs. Ahem! Ahem!!!!