Monday, August 6, 2012

Random Things and a Challenge

Here's a quick update on all of the random things that have been going on around here lately, accompanied by random iPhone pictures.

Lorelei likes to watch Sydney play at the splash pad.

And loves using her pointer finger.

We went to Ross the other day, and Chet captured this photo.

Last Friday (7/27), I took Lorelei to her 9-month well-baby checkup.  She weighed 17 lbs 2 oz (18th percentile), and her height and head circumference measurements put her in the 32nd and 93rd percentiles, respectively.  ***Side note: When I scheduled this appointment back in June, I was asked which day she would turn 9-months old.  I replied "July 27th".  That was wrong.  She was 9-months old July 17th...Sydney's day is the 27th...sheesh!***

This past Friday (8/3) I took her back to the doctor, because she started running a fever Thursday afternoon.  I don't take her to the doctor every time she has a fever, unless the fever starts close to the weekend.  I do everything in my power to avoid the ER on a weekend, so back to the doctor we went (she was fine, by the way).  This time she weighed a pound more (18 lbs, 1 oz) than last week.  Perhaps she was just having a light moment last week. 

On July 27th, we took the girls to the local frozen yogurt joint to celebrate Sydney's two-and-a-half birthday.  (In case you haven't noticed, I put bibs on them everywhere we go.  I have no sense of adventure.)

Saturday (7/28) we went to downtown Ocean Springs for the first time.  It was hot, but a really fun trip.  They have adorable shops.  I don't have any pictures that prove we were actually there, just these random pictures of Sydney from the day.

She hugged this decorative (made of tin) outside one of the shops.

Right after I took the previous picture, she wanted me to take a picture of her standing by this random bag that held a tent.

She was pooped.

We went to the NEX Sunday evening (7/28) just to get out of the house (it was raining), and we all had fun in the book/magazine section.  Syd picked out this magazine.

Then she started acting a little bit like a toot, so Chet took her into the giant walk-in beer cooler to snap her out of it.  It worked.

Wow, most of these pictures are of Sydney.  Here are some of Lorelei.

Yesterday, as we were unloading ourselves from the car for church, Chet put Sydney's backpack on Lorelei.  It made us laugh hysterically.  Sydney did not share in our humor. 

Yesterday I was cooking dinner/washing dishes, and looked out the window to see this.  Chet decided getting in the pool himself would make it easier to facilitate backyard water play.

The challenge I mentioned in the title of this post is this: I am going to document what we do each day (on this blog) for an entire week.  Some of you may wonder what the girls and I do on a daily basis.  I wonder the same thing, ha!  This will be quite a challenge, because it will "force" me to blog every day for the next week, as well as make sure I remember or jot down our daily happenings.  Wish me luck!

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Casey said...

Loving the pictures! Cracking up at Syd by the weird thing that holds down the tent! Chet seems like a fun daddy-o in that pool!!