Friday, August 31, 2012

Isaac Update

Tropical Storm Isaac has finally left the building, and, thank the Lord, left the base we live on in great shape!  As I'm sure you know, other parts of Mississippi (not too far from Gulfport) and parts of Louisiana did not fare as well, but I think everyone was as prepared as they could have possibly been.

Chet was required to stay in the concrete bunker on base from Monday afternoon until late morning Thursday -- he was DEFINITELY glad to get out of there yesterday!  He didn't get much sleep, but I think we can all agree that a little sleep deprivation is nothing compared to what Tropical Storm Isaac could have done, right?

Like I said, the base fared well in the storm.  Many of the streets were flooded, but the water did not seep into any of the houses.  We also had power the entire time (I'm not even sure it blinked!).  In fact, the base fared so well...Chet is free to enjoy the Labor Day weekend, and is flying into Houston as I type this!  Woo hoo!  He arrives tonight, and we will all drive back to Gulfport together either Sunday night or early Monday morning.  (He hasn't been able to make it to Houston since Christmas 2010!)

Speaking of Labor Day Weekend...doesn't it feel early this year?  It really snuck up on me (Isaac was an obvious distraction).  And no offense to anyone who loves the month of August, but every year I am thrilled to see August go and September arrive.  September marks the beginning of my very favorite season (even though it's still blasted hot for most of the month), and I don't hesitate to put out my fall wreath.  And start eating candy corn.

Everyone have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!
Isn't this picture hilarious?  This was taken last night; Lorelei wasn't feeling so hot, but Sydney made up for her lack of smiles, by OVER smiling.  LOL!

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