Sunday, August 19, 2012

Syd's Famous!

My dear friend Angela recently started a hi-larious blog called "Why Doesn't He Call?", where people submit photos of themselves (that's the rule -- all photos must be self submissions), "Mainly to answer the awkward question that seems to permeate conversation in the south, 'Why are you still single?'" (that's a direct quote from the FAQ section of the blog).  The site is super funny -- I roll on the floor every time I read a new entry.

Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is because after Angela saw the picture of Sydney holding the copy of the magazine "PC Gamer" in this post, she asked me if she could use the picture for one of her posts.  I immediately agreed, and couldn't wait to see what she came up with.  (I'm about to go into a super-long explanation about one of the pictures, so, without further ado, here is the link to Angela's blog post featuring Sydney, just in case I lose your interest and you don't make it to the end of my rambling blog post.)

A couple of days after that conversation took place, the girls and I were at the library, and Sydney brought me, of all the books in the children's library, a book titled Rot and Decay: Decomposing and RecyclingReally, Syd?  She lost interest before I finished reading it to her (its content was a little over her head), but I thought it was a hilarious choice.  So I snapped a picture of the book and texted it to Angela.  Later that night, Angela asked if we had checked that book out, and if so, could we take a picture of Sydney reading it so she could add it to the blog post?  Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I had not checked it out, but we were going to be near the library the next day before dance class, so I told her we would try to get a better picture.  (The first picture was of terrible quality because, little did I know at the time, Lorelei had gotten a hold of my phone and slobbered all over the tiny camera lens.  Thanks, L.  I took many more, very blurry, pictures before figuring out I needed to wipe the lens.)

On the way to the library that next morning I explained to Sydney what we were about to do:

Me: Sydney, guess where we're going?
Syd: Um...I don't know!
Me: The library!
Syd: Yeah!
Me: And guess what we're going to do there?
Syd: Um...I don't know!
Me: You're going to read a book!
Syd: Yeah!
Me: And Mommy is going to take your picture while you read the book!
Syd: Yeah!
Me: And then we're going to send the picture to Aunt Angela!
Syd: Yeah!

We had that conversation three or four times during the short ride to the library.  I wanted her to cooperate, and she usually does when you let her know what's coming.

We arrived at the library, walked straight to the children's section (we were the only ones in the children's library besides the two librarians), I plucked the book from the shelf (thankfully, I saw where Sydney had pulled it from the previous day), and went to straight to a table for her to sit down and pretend like she was reading it.  I only had to take one picture, because she was a perfect model.  Then we got up, put the book back on it's shelf, and left.  I'm positive that I am now on some sort of "library watch" list due to my sketchy behavior, but mission accomplished!

Obviously, Sydney was not aware that her magazine and book choices were so dorky and hilarious...who knows her reasoning (if any) behind her choices.  Thank you, Angela, for using Syd's pictures for such a cute/funny post on your blog!

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