Monday, November 26, 2012

Days 23, 24, 25, & 26

First of all, here's proof that I baked monkey bread,

sausage balls,

and a pumpkin pie.

We're still working on finishing that pie...

November 23: I am thankful for great Black Friday deals!  I am not a super gung-ho Black Friday shopper, but I do appreciate a good deal, and will go for it if it's something I've had on my list.  My first Black Friday experience was in 2008.  I had been wanting to redo our guest bedroom in the Shabby Chic line from Target, but they never run that stuff on sale...until Black Friday!  Since we were in TX for Thanksgiving, my mom was willing to be my shopping buddy, so we got to Target as soon as it opened (I think it was 5 a.m. that year).  There, of course, was a line, and I was sure all of the Shabby Chic quilts would be gone by the time we got in the store.  As soon as we made it through the doors, my mom and I bolted to the Home Furnishings section...and found plenty of Shabby Chic quilts!  Much to my surprise (but maybe not yours), we were the only ones on the aisle.  I mean, what Target shopper wouldn't want a Shabby Chic quilt for such a great price?! 

Last year on Black Friday Chet bought me the Kindle I had been wanting, and this year we bought Christmas lights and a frame from Michael's, all for fantastic prices.  We are afternoon Black Friday shoppers now though; I think 2008 may have been a one-time thing for me.

November 24: I am thankful it is officially the Christmas season (it is, right?)!  Is that a silly thing to be thankful for?  It seems like this is the first year that Sydney is really excited about Christmas.  I feel like I've been in a Christmas rut for the past couple of years, but her excitement has revived my own!  I didn't waste any time dressing them up in their Christmas garb.  Here's what they wore Black Friday:

Lorelei looked like a boy in this outfit, but I love that shirt, and only Didi has the ability to find a baby shirt with a Santa-hat-wearing Longhorn printed on it.

Here's what they wore Sunday:

Check out those cuffs!

Lorelei wasn't as keen on being photographed this time around.

Those pants do nothing for her thighs.

November 25: I am thankful for a crafty husband!  He is craftier than I am, but on the rare occasion when I get a crafting urge, he is the one who helps make it happen.  My current project has to do with picture frames (pictures to follow).

November 26: I am thankful for forgiveness and grace (two things, woo hoo!).  The girls and I had a rough day back in the saddle after our nice, long holiday.  Sydney and I were arguing like teenage girls a couple of times today, and it was ridiculous (on my part).  But I am thankful for the humility to ask a 2-year old for forgiveness, the granting of forgiveness from said 2-year old, God's forgiveness when I stoop to teenage-girl level, and the grace that surrounds all of it (because don't forgiveness and grace always go hand in hand?). 


Casey said...

"Christmas garb" LOVE IT (I repeated it to myself after I read it...)

Oh the arguing....get use to it, I'm sure it will only get worse as they grow.

Love the pictures and Lore's tight little pants!!!

Chet and Ashley said...

Hahaha, yes, I had fun typing "Christmas garb"!

Anonymous said...

Oh be so glad she is tall and not short. She will be a beautiful tall blonde. Tall gets noticed quicker than short. LOL Had a little girl in my classroom one time that said, "short people are not as smart as tall people. I want to be tall. I hate being short." LOL. This was 1st grade. I cracked up and told her that being tall had nothing to do with being smart. Kids... love em.

Chet and Ashley said...

That is so funny! I love how kids' minds work -- and you're right, I think her height will work for her!