Thursday, November 8, 2012

Days 7 & 8

November 7: Well, the candidate I voted for is not the next president.  As hard as I tried to look on the bright side yesterday, I was in a funk over the whole ordeal.  (The funk has lifted though!)  There are a million things I could say about the subject, but I'll limit it to three:
  1. God is sovereign, no matter who the president is.  And this election did not shock Him.  It's not as if He's biting his nails, thinking, "Hmm, I didn't see that coming..."  We humans will never be privy to His plan; we just have to trust that it is perfect.
  2. The Republican Party needs to revamp itself.  (The Democratic Party does too, but since the Democrats are in power, they may not have as much motivation as Republicans.)  I pray that conservatives hit the ground running with this, and that necessary positive changes occur between now and the next election.
  3. Rush Limbaugh made me laugh yesterday (out loud, while I was on the treadmill at the gym-- the lady a couple of treadmills over kept shooting me suspicious glances).  He said that people don't want to vote against "Santa Claus" -- especially when the other guy is telling you to be your own Santa Claus, ha!
All that being said, I am thankful for my right to write whatever I want to on this blog.

November 8: I am thankful that these munchkins are sisters:

As fun as it was having a younger brother to torture dote on growing up, I would have loved to also have a sister. 

But right now we are dealing with this one:

Assaulting and practicing medieval torture techniques on this one:

Don't worry, she is appropriately punished for said assaults, and we're currently implementing a do-NOT-touch-ANYONE-other-than-mommy-and-daddy may sound a little extreme, but desperate times call for desperate measures, my friends.

I am praying it is just a phase, BUT, from what I have read and seen, and in my limited experience of mothering two daughters, I truly believe that some kids (ahem, Sydney) need a little more help accepting certain things (like the existence of siblings).  She seems a little territorial, like her at least I am able to understand where she is coming from.

With patience, practice, and a lot of prayer, I think we can get there from here.


Angela said...

I love this... it is hilarious. Fair warning: the torture techniques will soon evolve into mind games--but don't worry, what doesn't kill Lorelei will make her stronger.

Chet and Ashley said...

I'll be seeking your expert advice when the mind games begin -- since I was the torturer, and not the torturee, I am in unfamiliar territory!