Friday, January 11, 2013

21 graces

A few months ago I was happy to stumble upon the blog of the talented Jordy Liz (via my friend Jess), and I am linking up with her today (and hopefully every Friday) for her "21 graces" challenge.

Without further ado, here are twenty-one of the moments of grace/blessings that I experienced this past week:
  1. The instant forgiveness of a child after you lose your temper
  2. Catching up with a friend at the park
  3. A Chinese food buffet for dinner after a really long week
  4. Having no weekend obligations
  5. Catching up on laundry
  6. Realizing, after doing said laundry, that there is, in fact, not an urgent need to buy more clothes for each of your family members
  7. A church home
  8. Dressing your girls in matching outfits
  9. A freshly mopped kitchen
  10. Sunshine after a weekend of rain
  11. A Monday morning workout
  12. Sending your child to her room as punishment...and finding her later wearing a pink camouflage baseball hat and tap shoes
  13. A 2-year old in a tutu
  14. Finishing a good matter that it's one you've already read
  15. An evening wagon ride with two giggly girls
  16. The flexibility to change your "daily plan" on a whim
  17. Discovering you still have a half full cup of coffee (when you thought it was gone)
  18. A next-door-neighbor who is a really good friend
  19. A good thunderstorm
  20. A husband who, after a long day of work, will gladly stay home with the children so you can go to Walmart alone
  21. Staying up late to catch up on your favorite television show
Although I am aware that my life is brimming with grace and blessings, I had to be deliberate in actually naming them.  Some days it was more difficult to do that than others, but I know this will become easier with time.  Thanks for the challenge, Jordy!


Jordy Liz said...

I love this one: "Realizing, after doing said laundry, that there is, in fact, not an urgent need to buy more clothes for each of your family members." It's so true! I do the same thing... thinking I need to go shopping only to realize how much I truly have.

Thanks for linking up.

Anonymous said...

The things you do are too amazing for words.....