Friday, January 25, 2013

Week 3: 21 graces

1. Finding a really good bargain on kids' clothes
2. A 15-month old (who just learned to walk) trying her darnedest to run away from you...hilarious!
3. Supporting a small business
4. Lorelei learning to nod her head (now she always nods...and grunts in affirmation...when I ask her a question)
5. A perfect day for the playground
6. A post-dinner trip to the frozen yogurt place
7. Finishing a really good parenting book
8. Finding out that two (different) friends are expecting
9. Taking 20 minutes to plan out the week ahead
10. A Walmart date with Sydney (who loves Walmart)
11. A week of planned dinners
12. A 3-day weekend
13. A 4-day work week
14. Sydney saying, "I have an idea!" for the first time (does she know what an 'idea' is?)
15. Tackling a difficult task you've not been looking forward to tackling
16. Successfully completing said difficult task
17. A neighbor who can watch the girls in a pinch
18. Using your talents/strengths to serve others
19. The (out loud) musings of a two-year old as you wait in line at the (very crowded) pharmacy
20. A monthly gathering with friends
21. The ridiculously excited greeting you receive from your children upon returning home (no matter you were only gone a couple of hours)


Jordy Liz said...

I loved having the 3-day weekend, too. It made for a BUSY 4-day work week, but it also made this weekend come faster. :)

Thanks for joining in!

Chet and Ashley said...

You're so right -- and you're welcome!

Casey said...

#2 Love.
#11 My Maybook meal planner that I have been utilizing since fall has really helped with this and it keeps my grocery list right there too.
#19 Aren't they hilarious (and occasionally embarassing) right now??!!

Looks like a busy but good week :)

Casey said...

And I just realized that our kiddos are practically the exact same age...
My oldest son - Caden 2/27/2010
The "baby" - Everett 11/02/2011
Got to love that 20 month difference! :)