Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Chet!

For those of you who don't know, January is birthday month in our household.  Chet's birthday was yesterday (Saturday), Sydney's is the 27th, and mine is the 31st.  Lorelei is a lone ranger, born in October.

Anyway, Chet had a nice birthday.  I'm glad it was on a Saturday, and not during the week.  He woke up to the official birthday banner and a card and presents:
We have been hanging birthday cards he has received in the mail on the twine art display (along with Sydney's and Lorelei's masterpieces): 
January is when I put out the cupcake Scentsy burner:
As well as a picture from Syd's first birthday shoot -- I try to display pictures that are seasonally appropriate, but sometimes I get behind.
Chet got a new t-shirt and sunglasses for his birthday: 
(As you can see, Sydney likes to put on a bow and a necklace as soon as she wakes up, even though she's still wearing her pajamas.  Obviously, my brainwashing has paid off.)
Here's what Lorelei was up to while all this was going on: 
That evening we hired a babysitter so we could go to dinner and a movie (a new-ish seafood restaurant that opened this past summer and "Gangster Squad").  It is always so nice to get away for a few hours without the girls, if only to be able to have an uninterrupted conversation!
Here's the birthday boy at dinner: 
***Tangent: Can I just say that I am so, so, so, SO glad I am pushing 30 and not in middle school or high school anymore?  We went to a 5:10 p.m. movie, and the theater was more crowded than I expected it to be at that time (I suppose it was Saturday night).  Anyway, I saw a lot of young people, which made me glad the movie we saw was rated R, because it meant that none of those young people were in our theater.  (Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with young people, I like them, they just all seemed very talkative.  And talkative is no bueno when you're trying watch a movie.  And at home I always have the Closed Captioning function turned on, so I have to pay extra close attention when I'm in the theater since the words aren't printed on the screen.  Wow, I sound like I'm 99, not 29.)  Anyway, all of these talkative young people, the talkative young girls specifically, were dressed in short shorts.  They all looked very adorable, but I'm so, so, so, SO glad I do not feel the need to wear short shorts to a freezing cold movie theater.  In January.  Thank you.***
Happy 31st birthday, Chet!  We love you so, so, so, SO much!

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