Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

This post isn't exactly like the the "Thursday Thoughts" posts I started doing several months ago and have not kept up with...but it's Thursday, and I feel like I need to write something, so voila!

We've had a very full week, one where Chet and I actually sat down Sunday night and planned out/wrote down exactly what we were doing/where we needed to be each day so we wouldn't miss anything.  It has worked great, and has helped us maintain a little sanity, so we have decided to do that every Sunday night from here on out!  (I have decided we will do that...Chet doesn't know that yet, but how could he possibly resist?!  It's fun!!)

Anyway, it's been a full week, but not necessarily ridiculously exciting, except for yesterday.  Yesterday Chet had his oral board with his Commanding Officer in order to earn his SCWS pin (I mentioned that back in this post).  This is how it works: Tuesday he received his assignment, and he had 24 hours to plan the mission and prepare a brief for the CO (which is not nearly enough time, but is sort of the point).  Yesterday, he had 45 minutes to brief his plan, followed by a few hours of questioning from the CO and her staff.  No one ever plans a perfect mission, but Chet did fantastic.  There are two portions of his mission he needs to tweak, and then he will officially have earned his pin!  We are so proud of him!

In other random news, the girls and I went to the Navy Exchange (NEX) on base the other day, in search of a plain white shirt for Sydney.  They did not have one (at least, not one that I liked), but I did buy (all for Sydney):
  • 3 ribbed tank tops (black, turquoise, and purple)
  • 3 pair of play shorts (black, turquoise, and purple)
  • a pink "dressy" t-shirt with a butterfly on it
  • a pair of plaid shorts
  • a summer romper
...all for $20.01!  Fist pump!

Sydney's birthday is Sunday.  We made a countdown chain out of construction paper a couple of weeks ago to help her understand what it meant when we said, "Nine more days until your birthday!"  Now, since it's just three days away, I am telling her, "The next time we go to church, it will be your birthday!"  We are not going to have a party for her; just presents and cake.  I think she only cares about the cake anyway.

I suppose this concludes my random thoughts.  I should have been showering instead of blogging, because Lorelei is squawking from her crib, but I deemed this more important...sorry L!!!

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