Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Syd's Birthday

This is going to be short, because Lorelei is awake and I need to get her up, but I wanted to post at least a couple of birthday pictures before too much time passes!

Saturday night (the day before her birthday) we decided to open the gifts that my mom (Didi) sent.  At first she was more interested playing with this Melissa & Doug cupcake decorating set (from our neighbor) to open gifts, but she finally came around.

Didi sent some snazzy shoes,

a snazzy dress and another pair of snazzy shoes,

a snazzy shirt and a snazzy blue-jean skirt,

and some (snazzy!) colored pencils.

The next morning she opened the presents from us, and one present from my dad (Papa John).

Lorelei got Sydney a new leotard for dance:
 Lorelei kept making this shocked/surprised look all day long...maybe that's the face we were all making?

She loved the doll bed we got her.  She put her baby to bed right away.

There are always babies or stuffed animals "sleeping" in our house.  Sydney is constantly shushing us because of this.  Hmm.

She loved her Hello Kitty purse from Papa John:

That morning, after presents, we had breakfast and some birthday cake and then went to church.  Later, after Sydney's nap, we opened the rest of the presents...more pictures to follow!


Casey said...

She's following in our footsteps with the babies! I have pictures of 15-20 babies all lined up when we used to play!

Chet and Ashley said...

Yes she is! And no brainwashing necessary! I need to get those pictures from my mom...