Friday, September 2, 2016

Wally World

Lorelei went through a (quite long) stage where she would wear ONLY dresses.  She was extremely picky about the style, color, length, fabric weight, you name it.  It was exhausting, and I couldn't help but envision prom dress shopping 12 years from now, her recoiling in horror at every single dress in the store while I surreptitiously sip wine from a travel coffee mug in order to make it through the ordeal.

In May, a few days after we arrived in TX, we went shopping at Walmart with Didi, and Lorelei found three dresses she liked.  They were $5.88 apiece, and I'll have you know that we got our money's worth considering those dresses were the only three things she wore for two months straight.  Here was her routine:

  • put on clean dress before bed (she wore them as nightgowns too)
  • wake up (but waste no time getting dressed because she was ALREADY dressed)
  • repeat

She has a bright future in time management consulting.

Here are the dresses:

Once I discovered Walmart's kids' clothes were adorable and cheap (I knew this, but I didn't KNOW this, you know?), I didn't stop there.

Syd's leotard:

Ruthie's 4th of July onesie:

Ford's "Tow Mater" shirt (that's what he calls him):

Ford's khaki shorts:
Walmart should pay me for being such a fervent spokeswoman.

But later this summer, for some reason, Lorelei has come around again. Thank goodness, because you know how I feel about summer clothes in the fall and winter, and I was beginning to think I would have to ask Walmart to design some fall- and winter-appropriate dresses just for Lorelei.  Here's an example of a new-to-Lorelei (but pretty normal for most kids) outfit:
I had said, "Lorelei, put your hands on your hips," right before taking this picture.  So after we finish celebrating branching out in the clothing department we'll roll right into reviewing basic body parts.

(By the way, Lorelei's "check" [Nike] shorts are from Goodwill--$0.99, y'all. Perfect condition.  The Goodwills in Austin are so nice they're like department stores.  Soon I'll share a Goodwill project we recently did for Sydney's room.)

Since I'm on a Lorelei kick this post, I'll go ahead and share this series.  They cracked me up because their facial expressions were so similar each time:

Happy Friday/Labor Day weekend!

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