Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Is it already Wednesday?! It can't be. Hence the Motuenesday (clearly I should work for Webster's; remember Muesday and Thriday?).  Perhaps I'll blog tomorrow and again Friday in order to stick with my September blogging pact as much as possible (no promises though)!

We had a very low key weekend. Ballet Saturday morning for both girls and church Sunday morning, but we were home otherwise (which means by late afternoon Sunday we had a touch of cabin fever and we were completely out of food come Monday).

I finally feel like this is our first "real" week, only Lorelei didn't go to school today because she has a weird irritation/rash looking thing going on around her mouth. Hmm. So we made a paper birthday chain (to count down to her birthday) in lieu of school. Just about a month until she turns 5!

In other completely random news, our fall mantle is making me happy, as is tiny Ruthie sitting alone:

On to Thursday!

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Great titles on your blog!