Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Syd's Drawings

***Proud parent alert.  Please skip if you're not in the mood for bragging!***

Sydney has always been creative, especially when it comes to drawing and artwork. I'm constantly amazed at the things she comes up with. Art is definitely her passion, for now. When she comes home from school she heads straight to the art supplies we have set up in the dining area and gets to work.

We signed her up for a drawing class after school and she loves it. Here's what she's done so far:
An iguana sitting on a dinosaur

Birch trees

Recently I asked her to make something to send to Chet's Aunt Carol for her birthday. She decided to paint a pelican like this one that hangs on our wall:

She did this with zero guidance. Just gathered her four paint colors (because that's all we had), looked at the painting from across the room, and got 'er done.

A cat doodle:

Over the summer Chet made this "fire" (I'll let you guess which parent Sydney gets the creative genes from).  I can't remember why now -- maybe for Bubby to play with using his fire truck? Anyway, as soon as Sydney saw it she decided to make it into a campfire, complete with logs and marshmallows roasting on sticks.  
Again, done with zero guidance.

I think I'm perhaps unreasonably impressed because creativity, at least in the artwork sense, isn't in my genes. I remember one winter my grandma (P-ma) stayed with us for an extended period of time, and I did my homework right after school under her guidance. One of the recurring assignments was to use creative ways to write out the weekly spelling words, but you can only cut out individual letters from magazines so many times before the teacher starts to frown. Neither of us could conjure up ways to creatively write that spelling list (truth be told, we both thought it was just plain dumb). One week I used mustard to write the words on a piece of construction paper (she and I both agreed afterward it wasn't the best idea). It was the blind leading the blind that 4th grade winter.

Happy Wednesday!  I'm getting this post in just under the wire!

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